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Test your PHP code with this code tester. You can test your PHP code here on many php versions.

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Note: php_info() and php_info(INFO_ALL) both provide same effect on browser. Use of phpinfo(). This function is used to check if required support is available with the server or not. For example, in PHP...


PHP 7.3 or later with MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL support. System Requirements. To run OJS 2.x, your web server will need: PHP 5.x or later (including PHP 7.x) with MySQL/MariaDB or...A collection of free PHP Scripts by PHPJabbers. Download the FREE PHP scripts listed below along with the full source codes and customize them so that they serve you best.PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with some additional features useful for sites of any size, especially busier sites. These features include

Eğer web siteniz zaten PHP destekliyorsa bu kısmı geçebilirsiniz. Bir sunucunun php desteğini anlamak için bir not defteri açın ve aşağıdakileri yazıp uzantısını php olarak kaydedin (örneğin index.php) ve...diff --git a/images/clients/cleint1.png b/images/clients/cleint1.png index 713f697f6d2a7901351bd0a9c2e41902ba47f12e..b5ad982c46f46382a772a4b5d52181a6074c562b 100644 ...